Liquid White Honey

Spring and early summer raw honey. Nectar is collected from several trees and multitudes of wildflowers. Plant types and moisture levels play an important role. Available in 330g or 500g glass jars.


Liquid Golden Honey

Late summer and fall raw honey. Same bees and location that produced white honey but now the bees feed on many different wildflowers in hotter, dryer conditions. Roots of plants go deeper and more minerals are absorbed. Available in 330g or 500g glass jars.


Creamed Honey

All natural raw crystallized honey (nothing added). We select a silky fine natural crystal that is produced from special wild flowers that grow in Hockley Valley in early summer. We allow this natural crystal to grow, which produces premium silky smooth creamed white honey.
Available in 330g glass jars.


Cinnamon Creamed Honey

Cinnamon combined with creamed raw honey is an over 2,000 year old recipe used by the Egyptians for medicinal purposes. We import the best organic cinnamon from Indonesia and make this most unique blend of medicinal honey with an outstanding unique taste. Available in 330g glass jars. |